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Katie Collins

The best! We wanted a new, user friendly, easy to navigate and beautiful website for our Dance Company. JL Promote is wonderful. They are knowledgeable, friendly, incredibly responsive and very patient. I am not technologically savvy when it comes to website design, so it was really important to me to have a user-friendly interface that I could learn to navigate on my own. We are very pleased with are site, from start to finish. Thank you, JL Promote!

Katie CollinsDance & Company
Marcy Laramay

I have been relying on Lorenzo for over ten years. Before I knew the importance of a website, he was staying on top of mine, keeping it current and making any necessary changes. As the years have progressed, the ranges of my business have continually gotten his attention. My rankings and exposure would not be where it is today without his help. I continue to turn to him when Google and the web throw me a curve ball. His advice has been key to my success all these years. You can trust Lorenzo to figure out what you can benefit most from when he examines your business.

Marcy LaramayLakeview Motel & Apartments
Dr. David Che

Trying to find someone to help you design a new website or run an effective Google Adwords campaign can be very difficult in today’s market, as you don’t know who to trust. Some companies might charge you a lot of money and deliver little results. Fortunately, there’s Lorenzo Creazzo at the company called JL PROMOTE. If you’re looking for someone to manage your Google Adwords account at maximum efficiency for the best price, look no further. I’ve tried different companies and all have disappointed. Using Google Adwords requires a lot of skill. It’s about getting on PAGE 1 and getting the most clicks for your money because if not run properly, you could be wasting a lot of money on clicks. Lorenzo at JL PROMOTE is the real master of Google Adwords. He can squeeze the most out of your Adwords campaign based on your budget. Lorenzo’s skill isn’t limited to Google Adwords. He is also skilled at designing RESPONSIVE websites which Google and other search engines are all looking at these days. If you’re looking to boost your business with a great website and get a lot of traffic to that website using Adwords, give JL Promote a try! You won’t be disappointed!!! —-Dr. David Che—Author, Total Law of Attraction (Simon & Schuster)

Dr. David CheTotal Law of Attraction